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Anti-slip Cushion For Ladder

Anti-slip Cushion For Ladder

1. How is the quality of this utility pole backing ring?

Jadduo Answer: Install it on the top of the ladder (the drilling hole needs to be fixed), use it on the first rung at the top (width 4 cm), and put the loop on the top rung first. There is a hole on the loop, and use an electric drill to face the hole. Drill 2 holes in the rungs of the ladder and install the screws. It is very stable against the tree, and the safety factor is greatly increased. The climbing pole is very stable, and the discharge pole is very safe

2. What do the poles contain?

Jadduo Answer: including 1 ring + 1 pair of screws (2)

Relying ring material: rubber (made of imported polypropylene material, stable and durable quality)


3. How to install the pole loops on those ladders?

Jadduo Answer: use it on the first rung on the top (width 4 cm), and use 6 drills to make 2 holes on the rung (the loop is first put on the top rung, there are holes on the loop, yes Drill 2 holes on the rung of the ladder with an electric drill) and install the screws.